About Us

Life is an interesting circle and finds different ways to get kindred spirits together. We are all very different from each other – and were it under different circumstances, we may not even know each other. However, as life will have it, it brought us together around a common passion, pain and cause – rescuing homeless animals.

Each on of us has decided in different ways to help animals in one way or another so that one day we decided to make Pet Sisters. Pet, for its English meaning and also because we are five (pet means five in Bulgarian) women, each one crazier than the other. Of course, we have also In our rescue centre, our so called “A wonderful place” we place homeless and abandoned animals, we castrate them, we vaccinate them and we give them the best care until we can find them new homes.

We believe, that for every dog and cat there is a person, and that for every person there is a dog or cat – our mission is to get them together. For us to be able to do and continue our work, we rely solely on help and donations. We would like to thank everyone helping us already, and those who will join us on the path we have chosen.