New life for the garbage bin puppies

That which is considered useless get thrown away.

Sometimes on the side of a busy road, sometimes in the community bins. Asja, is one of those dumped as newly born, with eyes barely open, on the side of the road in Dupnitsa. And you know the newlyborns …. helpless, completely defenseless, suicidal – with one and only one goal, to find their mommy – their mom, from whom they have been cruelly torn away. It is very easy to guess what the idea was when she was abandoned: there close to the road – so its over quickly. Oh well, for Asja the greater powers had different plans. She was spotted by good people, who bottlefed her with milk, gave her a lot of love, the kind of love she would have gotten from her mommy. And Asja grew to be a wonderful doggy. We took her over a few months back and we took it upon ourselves to write a happy end to her story.

Kati and Didi – yes, we admit, we named them after ….us. We found them at the beginning of August – skin and bones and fear. They were going through the rubbish to find food, a pile of garbage and old homeware near a village landfill. And well, there was no much food there …. a broken TV, parts of a sofa, husks, empty packaging and cans, construction waste … So we took them and in and raised them. The two little ones are already with their families, while Dani will also be leaving shortly.

Areta from Pazardjik. Its a good thing she had a strong voice, so that people heard her crying from within a large cauldron of garbage. They took her out – dirty and skinny, a handfull of life. When we took her in, she was fighting the usual unavoidable illnesses – but we treated her, fed her, loved her – and send her on the way to her new family. As of today, four bulgarian pieces of „garbage“ are members of families. Loved, cherished, kissed and pampered. Farewell darling girls! Please write to us – we are eagerly awaiting fotos! We will always love you!

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